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Make a Father’s Day Popup Card

DIY Happy Father's Day Popup Card

Father’s Day Popup Card

You can make this Father’s Day Popup Card even at the last minute for the beloved fathers in your life.  The popup on the inside of the card is simple.  You can decorate inside, outside, and back of the card if you want to get creative.

Download the Cutting Files

You can download the free SVG cutting files from our Resource Library to make a Father’s Day popup card like this one. The cutting files include pieces for the base popup card, backing card, and decorative layer pieces. The completed popup card measures 7″ wide by 5″ high when closed. You can use the same envelope provided in the Motorcycle popup Card template in the Resource Library .

Pin for Happy Father's Day Popup Card

Happy Father’s Day Popup Card

Supplies to Make a Father’s Day Popup Card

Please note: Some affiliate links may be used in this post. I am affiliated only with products that I use. When you purchase products using my affiliate links, it does not cost you any more, but I will receive a small commission. Thanks!

80# white cardstock for the card base.
Medium weight  cardstock for the lettering and clouds.  I used double sided paper from the Wilderness Retreat Collection for the printed layers.
Wilderness Retreat Collection dies for layer embellishments or use scissors to fussy cut shapes of your choice from the paper collection.
Gold metallic cardstock if desired for the Sun
Electronic Cutter (I used Pazzles Vue) or you can use Cricut Explore or Maker  or Cameo 4  or Scan N Cut
Pen holder, pen spacer and pen for cutter.
Art Glitter Glue
Pop Dot Adhesives
Crystal Clear glitter Optional
SVG Cutting File from our Free Resource Library

Cutting Instructions to Make a Father’s Day Popup Card

The cutting files you need to make a popup Father’s Day Card are all included as shown below.

Cutting files to Make Father's Day Popup Card

Image of Cutting files to Make Father’s Day Popup Card

The card back is on the left in blue.  It has a score line at the center. You can cut this piece from green cardstock. Or you can cut a 6″ wide panel from the Wilderness Retreat Collection paper pad from Heartfelt Creations as I did. Since it is double sided paper,  I selected a page that had the blue background that shows up under the cut out pieces on the inside of the popup card. The opposite side of the paper formed the background of the front of the card.

Open Front of Father's Day Popup Card

Open Front of Father’s Day Popup Card

This paper included another design on the bottom half that made a nice backing for the card.Bottom of Father's Day Popup Card

Bottom of Father’s Day Popup Card

In the cutting file, the base card is cut from white cardstock.  80 # cardstock works best to keep the popup strong.  Be sure to score the red lines first, then cut the black lines. Notice that the score lines are all solid red lines. Use a scoring tool for these lines, or retract your blade and reduce cutting pressure to score the surface of the card with your blade.

Father’s Day Popup Card Layers

The green pieces are for the inside layers of the card. There are two sizes of mats you can use. I used only one.  I cut the top portion and the tab layers from a blue printed piece, and the bottom portion from one of the outdoor scenes in the card pack.  In order to make the lettering stand out, I cut them from black cardstock. You can cut the sun from the Lux Gold cardstock, which is quite eye-catching, or you can use yellow cardstock.

Before cutting the white cloud with text, use your pen in the pen holder for your machine to draw the text. Then replace the pen holder with the cutting blade holder to cut out the cloud. You may also cut the 2nd cloud at the same time.

If you would like to add more interest in the card, cut out the flowers, critters, eagle, grass, water, etc. to add to your scene. You may use the cutting dies from the Wilderness Retreat Collection, or simply use scissors to fussy cut them. I added the deer and grass layer and an eagle to the back side of the card.

Cutting Instructions for Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker

If you are using Cricut Design Space, upload the SVG file for the Father’s Day Popup Card into Cricut Design Space. Then right click on the design and select Ungroup. You need to designate each of the red lines as score lines in the Line Quality panel at the top of the screen.  Select the card and its score line, right click, then click on Attach.

Next, select the base card and its score lines (in black). Right click and select Ungroup. Select the score lines from the layers panel, and set them to Score in the line quality panel. Hold the Shift key to select also the card layer. Then right click and select Attach.

Text Sentiment

Select the cloud with text and ungroup. Select the text and set it to Draw in the Line Quality panel. Change the cloud color to White. Select the cloud and text, right click, then select Attach. Now you are ready to Make it. Check each color layer to make sure the pieces look correct in their layers.

Cricut Cutting file image for Fathers Day Popup Card

Fathers Day Popup Card layout for Cricut Design Space


Make It

Go to the Make It screen to make sure the score lines show up on the same layer as the corresponding cutting lines.  If you get a separate red mat, then the lines were not attached properly to their cutting shapes. Go back to fix that.

There is a video tutorial showing how to use popup cards with Cricut Design Space here. Cricut Design Space has been updated a bit since the video was made.  The updated software now has a Line type Menu at the top of the screen near the left side. The only difference right now is that instead of clicking on the color box on the Layers menu on the side of the screen to change from a cut to a score line as shown in the video, you will select your line in the layers panel on the side of the screen, then click on the tiny down arrow at the top of the screen under Line type. Select Score. After you have designated a line to be a Score Line, hold the shift key, and select the shape of the card. Then Right click and select Attach.  The color selection box is next to the Cut Menu as well.

Cutting Instructions for Scan N Cut

There is a set of multiple files for Scan N Cut users for this Father’s Day Popup Card, since Brother Canvas Workspace can accept only a single 11.5″”x11.5″” file at a time. Import one file at a time to cut and score. Make sure that the red lines are designated for score or draw.

Assembly Instructions

After you have all of the pieces cut out, it is time to start assembling your popup card.  First remove the loose pieces from the popup card design. This process is called “weeding”.  When these pieces are removed, you will be able to see through some parts of the popup card to the backing.

Next, glue the layers to the top and bottom inside of the card.  Now glue the black lettering over the letters on the popup card.

Folding the Popup Card

First you need to fold your pieces along the score lines.  Fold the backing card in half on the score line and crease it. Next, fold the sides of the white base card, pinching from the back of the card to make valley folds. There are two short fold lines on each side.  Now pinch the score lines at the tops of the tabs from the back to make valley folds. Also, make valley folds by pinching from the back on the score lines at the bottoms of the letters.  Make mountain folds on the score lines at the top of the letters.  Use a bone folder to make crisp fold lines. Gently push the back of the card up.

Then gently fold the card closed all the way, so that it is flat.

Now that the folds are made, check to make sure that the card opens and closes smoothly. Open the card, and glue the remaining decorative pieces to the upper and lower parts of the card background. There are also pieces to glue on the tabs, if you wish to use them.

Once you have all of the decorative pieces in place, fold the card closed.

Final Assembly of the Father’s Day Popup Card

To glue the popup card to its backing card, place the center crease of the folded card in the inside crease of the backing card as shown below. Use quick drying glue around the edges of the white base card, making sure not to get glue on any of the motorcycle parts. If you are using 6″ wide backing card, and 7″ wide popup card base, you will need to center the printed backing to the white base.

Place popup base card inside backing card.

Place popup base card inside backing card.

Close the backing card down over the white base card. Then rub all over the backing to make sure it stays in place until the glue dries.  Once the glue is dry, turn the card over. Glue the other side to the backing card.

Glue the popup card to the back.

Glue the popup card to the back.

With glue on the other side of the white popup card base, close the card again, and hold firmly in place until the glue dries. Then you can open the card.


Add Decorative Elements

Now you can decorate the front of the card as you like.  Use pop-dots to add dimension to the various character animals that you want in your scene. You can use pop-dots behind the clouds and sun as well.  Once you have everything in place as you want your scene to be, you can add some glitter if you like. To add glitter, put some thin lines of glue that dries clear in the places where you want some sparkle.  Than sprinkle some glitter over those areas, and pour the excess back into the bottle.  Let the glue dry completely.

Decorate the back of the card in like manner.  Now add a personal note. When your card is complete, place it inside of an envelope. Now it is ready for giving or posting it to a special father in your life!

Get the FREE SVG Cutting File

Happy Father's Day Popup Card Pin

Happy Father’s Day Popup Card

You will find the cutting files for this  Father’s Day Popup Card in the Free Resource Library.  




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This resource library is open to everyone for free. All you need is the password to get in, which you can get by filling out the form below. If you already have your password, enter the resource library here. Forgot your password? I put the password at the bottom of nearly all of my emails. But if you can’t find one of my emails to you, you can either fill out the form above again or email me at Password Tip: I recommend you copy and paste the password in to avoid any accidental mistakes. If you ever forget your password, please email Not working? If you enter the password and the same page refreshes, without any contents, that means you put in the wrong password. Double-check your email, copy the password, and paste it in to the link above. Still not working? I promise the password works—I haven’t changed it since I opened the library.   Try the copy/paste method again and make sure the URL you are going to has https at the start of it (that’s a secure page and it makes a difference). If that still isn’t working, try a different web browser.